Underfloor Heating

Benefits of under floor heating
Modern under floor heating systems, create low operating costs, low environmental impact and a pleasant home tempature, making this system a success.

Even heat distribution
under floor heating systems ensure even heat distribution across the entire space of the room, therefore hot feet and cooler air of the face height is much more comfortable for the body than radiated heat from a concentrated point.

Under floor heating systems run a much reduced energy requirement thus saving on energy bills and c02 emissions.
An under floor heating system uses water at a temperature of 45 – 65c which in turn warms a floor to a temperature of 25-28c.
This temperature creates a warm and very comfortable surface to walk on and still heats the room to an evenly distributed temperature.

Heating, cost and savings
A good system can result in a saving of 15-40% on heating bills.
Under floor heating systems work well with ground source heat pumps and solar thermal panels, which further improves eco -credits and reduces, running costs.

Additional benefits
The additional benefit of reducing moisture content in the home, reducing dust mites and this can be important to asthmatics and those with other breathing complications.